Tank Pours His Heart Out On ‘Can’t Let It Show’

Tank is a man of many talents. He’s a songwriter, producer, actor, podcaster, husband, father, sex symbol and amateur comedian. But at the end of the day, he’s a singer first and he’s back with new music. While many may have expected Tank to drop another sexed-up song like recent hits “When We” or “Dirty,” the singer switches things up to get listeners in their feelings with his new single “Can’t Let It Show.”

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On what could be considered the spiritual successor to his debut single “Maybe I Deserve,” “Can’t Let It Show” flips Kate Bush’s 1988 song “This Woman’s Work” – made Black famous in 2001 by fellow R&B heartthrob Maxwell – into a ballad about his failures in a relationship. Tank samples both Bush and Maxwell in “Can’t Let It Show,” even beginning the track like the latter did with his remake and interpolating the former’s lyrics on the chorus. Tank is quite contrite as he sings on the first verse, “How did I lose you? (How did I lose you?) / How did I blow that? How can we go back? / Why did I not choose you? Ooh-ooh / Instead of a good time, I wasted your good time.” Tank did his lady dirty – and not in a good way – and now he’s filled with regret.

“Can’t Let It Show” will be featured on Tank’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album due this summer. The new project follows Tank’s 2020 EP releases, While You Wait and Worth The Wait. While we wait for his next release to drop, check out Tank’s other projects, including the YouTube reality show Babbs To The Bone with his wife Zena Foster, the Lifetime movie Lust: A Deadly Sins Saga (premiering Saturday, April 17th) and his R&B Money Podcast with his manager J. Valentine.

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