H.E.R. Depicts The Strength Of The Black Community In ‘Hold Us Together’

H.E.R. is everywhere you turn these days. That’s for good reason as the talented singer-songwriter can’t stop putting out new music on her own or with a bevy of new collaborators. One of her most recent solo ventures was contributing her song “Hold Us Together” to the soundtrack for recent Disney+ film Safety. Now she’s somehow found the time to make a moving music video for the song.

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The visual showcases the strength and resilience of the Black community. It starts with images of children being tucked into bed (including a clip from the movie). We are then led into a dreamlike world through the kids as we see people of all shades of Blackness bonding with one another. Old and young alike are shown as they commune with one another while H.E.R., dressed in all-white, sings the song’s inspirational lyrics. It all comes together in the end, with a choir joining H.E.R. as the song reaches its climax before showing parting shots of the video’s cast holding hands and standing side-by-side.

Though obviously orchestrated to do so, the clip still manages to tug at our heartstrings and leave us with a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts. Given the way things have been going in this country as of late, we could all use a little bit of that. Get a dose of good vibes when you press play.

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