Mya Wants To Be There For You With ‘Just Call My Name’

2020 might have shook up the music industry (especially on the live music front), but many artists found a way to keep it moving. Mya was one of the artists who took advantage of the changing landscape and downtime, dropping new singles and visuals throughout the year. We thought when she dropped her single “I’ma Do It” last month it would be her last output of the year. We thought wrong, however, as Miss Mya has pulled another single out of her bag with “Just Call My Name.”

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“Just Call My Name” finds the singer stepping back into ballad territory as she offers love and support. With delicate quiet storm production from frequent collaborator MyGuyMars, she promises to be there through it all. “I’ll be your rock / When you need to, just call my name,” she sings on the chorus. “When the rain’s falling down / Let me be there to dry your pain.” The sentiment is one that most will find assurance in, especially with the trials and tribulations that this year has put us all through and the struggles that stand on the horizon in the new year. It also shows that the 41-year-old has the ability to switch it up on us and shirk the expectations we’ve placed on her in the more than 20 years since her career began.

If you find yourself needing a little assurance (or you want someone to know that you’ll always be there for them), then “Just Call My Name” might be your theme song for 2021. Take a listen to Mya’s latest when you press play.

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