Kenyon Dixon & Alex Isley Always Exceed ‘Expectations’

These days, we can all use a bit of help in lifting our spirits. While some seem to have kept the party going all year long, most of us long for days getting dressed for a night out on the town with your lover or locking eyes with someone new across the dance floor. Luckily, singer/songwriters and producers Kenyon Dixon and Alex Isley have joined forces once again to provide us with a bit of inspiration. Whether you’re kickin’ it with folks in your quarantine bubble or flying solo, their new single “Expectations” is just the groove everyone needs to make them move.

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R&B Kenny and AI’s voices blend perfectly as they sing of letting things flow naturally from a chance encounter. They both share this uncalculated mindset as they sing, “I have no expectations / I don’t care if we misbehave / Or just have conversation / We both here, so let’s celebrate.” As if the track itself wasn’t enough to get us going, the duo treated fans to a live performance of this certified bop at Dragonfly Creek Recording studio in Malibu. The capture delivers instant smiles, sways and finger snaps making it impossible for anyone’s sour mood to fester.

Tap into Kenyon Dixon’s “Expectations” featuring Alex Isley below. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform and keep an eye out for more collaborations from Kenny before the year’s end and in 2021.

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