Jazmine Sullivan Suggests You ‘Pick Up Your Feelings’ & Be On Your Merry Way

When we last heard from Jazmine Sullivan, the celebrated singer-songwriter was knee-deep in her feelings with her single “Lost One.” The vulnerable song had all of us reminiscing about our last heartbreak and the pain that it caused. Jazzy is done with all that sulking, though, and she’s moved on to the fiery emotion that comes with getting rid of a no-good man with her latest single “Pick Up Your Feelings.”

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“Pick Up Your Feelings” follows in the tradition of woman scorned anthems like her own “Bust Your Windows.” This time, however, it’s less an emotional outburst and a more of a controlled burn as she tells her fella he can get gone — but not before he gets all his things out of her life. “Don’t forget to come and pick up your (ooh, oooh) feelings / Don’t leave no pieces,” she sings on the chorus. “You need to hurry and pick up your feelings / While I’m up cleaning.” Helping her Marie Kondo her emotions is a driving bass groove ornamented with hints of keys, strings and layered backgrounds, resulting in one of the most listenable kiss-offs we’ve gotten in years.

Like “Lost One” before it, Jazmine also gave this one the acoustic live video experience. Once again in her plant-filled living room, she and her backing vocalists are joined by a guitar player as the only instrumental accompaniment. Even without the song’s bass line, Jazmine’s demand is just as fiery and urgent, showing that Jazzy doesn’t need much to get her point and her talent across.

“Pick Up Your Feelings” will also be featured on the singer’s upcoming project, details on which she’s keeping close to her chest. We do know, however, that you can expect the latest from Jazmine Sullivan sometime this winter. If that’s not enough for you, then we suggest you get into the soul she’s offering by streaming the track right here and then watching Jazzy and friends absolutely slay the live acoustic take in the video below.

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