Tank And The Bangas Share Their ‘Feelings’ About What’s Going On

Photo Credit: Jamelle Tate

Things are crazy, y’all. If you weren’t sure about the state of things, then last night’s presidential “debate” and the continuing uptick of COVID-19 cases are a prime example. NPR’s Morning Edition began its Morning Edition Song Project to allow musicians to chronicle how we’re all feeling about the current climate. The latest artists to take part in the project are New Orleans’ own Tank And The Bangas, who express their concerns with “Feelings.”

“I’ve got feelings / Growing way down deep inside,” vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball sings. “I’ve got feelings / And they tell me how they feel / I’ve got feelings / And I know that they are real.” The song further deals with the complicated emotions of being Black in America while having to battle systemic racism and a global pandemic at the same damn time. Helping her get those complex feelings out is a simple groove consisting of guitar and drums.

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“This is around the time when the Black Lives Matter movement was really all you saw on the Internet and it was just feeding your spirit, feeding your brain, feeding your eyes,” Tank told NPR about the song’s creation. “It was a lot to take in — to have COVID-19 going on and being away from everybody, and to see all of this on your screen, just seeing a live death. It was a lot to take in emotionally, and it was hard to truly just kind of realize how far we haven’t come in this country.”

While it’s very difficult to put all the things going on into words, let alone make a song out of it, Tank And The Bangas manage to put everything we’re feeling into words. Give “Feelings” a spin and see if the song doesn’t speak to you.

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