Jody Watley Offers Another Dose Of ‘The Healing’ With A Remix From The APX

If you can’t tell, we here at SoulBounce love us some of music legend Jody Watley. One of the reasons why is because the trailblazing star always has something innovative and new for us to put on our playlists. Earlier this year, she dazzled us with the release of her EP Winter Nights and her single “The Healing.” Now as summer nears its close, she injects a bit more funk into “The Healing” by calling on ATL funk duo The APX to work their magic for a remix.

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We all know a Mother Jody remix never disappoints and this update of “The Healing” is no exception. The APX crafts a smooth groove for the track that gives us ’80s vibes without offering a complete retread of the decade’s sounds. Instead, they combine the best qualities of the time with a bit of house panache to keep things fun as Jody offers sound advice. Jody’s words are delivered with poetic phrasing as she encourages us all to heal our past wounds while embracing the now. The new remix offers a chance to do just that while letting go of all the weight we carry throughout our life on the dancefloor. And please believe us, you’ll be dancing to this one.

Jody Watley has a knack for giving us both what we need and want to hear. With a year like 2020, this extra dose of “The Healing” is just what the doctor ordered.

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