Melba Moore Is Living Her Best Life In ‘Just Doing Me’

Before the world came to a screeching halt in March, many artists enjoyed thriving performance careers and didn’t lack for live dates. Amongst those entertainers who were booked, busy and blessed was the septuagenarian songstress Melba Moore. The living legend had actually just performed a concert at City Winery DC before the venue – and others across the country – shut down days later. With all her gigs canceled, Melba found refuge while sheltering in place like many a music lover and musician on Instagram in D-Nice‘s Club Quarantine. Not only has she become a respected regular in the space over the past few months, but now D-Nice is spinning her brand new song “Just Doing Me” and it is quite the party starter.

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On “Just Doing Me,” Melba Moore takes us for a twirl, spin and dip on the dance floor. Producers Terry Hunter and George Pettus, Jr. lace the legendary singer with a soulful house groove that beckons you to move with its driving bass line, rhythmic guitar, horns and four-on-the-floor thump. The track is meant for working up a full-body sweat, but it’s the lyrics that really hit your soul. Moore’s voice sounds strong and clear as she sings of being her most authentic self and enjoying the life she’s created. Melba breaks it down during a spoken interlude on the bridge as she shares her personal testimony. “You know the Lord has brought me from a mighty long way,” she preaches. “I lost some things along the way, and it’s been a long, rough road. But I never lost my voice, I never lost my health, I never lost my praise and I am still doing me!” Let the church say amen!

Even in the midst of this life-changing global pandemic, Melba Moore is living her best life and shows that she’s still got a lot of life and music left in her. And with “Just Doing Me” firmly lodged at the top 10 of Traxsource’s Soulful House chart, she’s also definitely doing something right.

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