The Shindellas Confront Their Trepidation With ‘Fear Has No Place’

The Shindellas did 2019 in a big way with their undeniable pipes and infectious singles, culminating in the release of their debut EP Genesis. Now they’re ready to show 2020 who’s boss. Kicking that plan off in full effect is the release of their newest single, “Fear Has No Place.”

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It’s not surprising that their first release of 2020 is an undeniable anthem. This one goes out to anyone whose trepidation might be stopping them from reaching their goals. The ladies take turns as they banish that fearful spirit to the depths where it belongs. “Now don’t you start with me / You get no part of me / So get as far from me / As you can be,” they sing. “Nothing but harmony / Is where I wanna be / And your distracting me from destiny.” The inspirational sentiment is told over sparse instrumentation provided by their brothers in music Louis York. They whip up a groove that feels simultaneously as ominous as the fear they wish to disperse and as hopeful as gospel thanks to the ladies’ harmonies and the inclusion of a few hallmarks (including a sneaky organ riff and tambourine).

We’re not sure what the rest of 2020 will bring from The Shindellas but we’ll definitely be here waiting to hear more from this talented trio. Don’t be scared, go ahead and check out “Fear Has No Place” right here.

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