SoulBounce Exclusive: Herbivores Are Rooted In Neo-Soul On Self-Titled EP

Photo Credit: Carol Simpson

What do you get when you combine the talents of a few Brooklyn-based independent musicians, producers and songwriters with thriving careers? Well, in the case of seasoned artists Bel-Ami, Redddaz, Misha Savage and Will Sacks, you get the collective Herbivores. The talented group of creatives has been honing their sound for the past year and made a name for themselves on NYC’s pre-coronavirus live music circuit. Now the Herbivores are ready to show the world what they’re working with as they unleash their brand of updated neo-soul with their self-titled debut EP in a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

The creative collective may primarily describe their sound as neo-soul, but you’ll hear much more on Herbivores. The six-track EP with take you on a sonic journey through R&B, funk and hip-hop as well. The first song you hear when you press play is the breezy groove “Kinda Like A Crush,” which sounds plucked straight outta the late ’90s. They keep that era and vibe going on the next track, “90 Degree Bae,” a sweet song tailor-made for summertime and summer loving with a smooth hot 16 included. They slow things down on the romantic number “Ghosts,” but they don’t stay in this ’90s Midnight Love mode for long, shaking and waking things up on the funky jam “6AM” about getting it on bright and early. Herbivores switch things up again on the song “Like U,” which is probably the most neo-soul-ish track on the EP. The project ends all too soon with “Running In Place,” an inspirational song that speaks to the struggle of being an indie artist.

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Herbivores the EP is an incredible collection from start to finish, and Herbivores the collective are on so something great. They’ve pooled their talents into a winning combination. The good news is that there is more heat where this came from, with a second EP entitled Nightshades scheduled to arrive later this year. We’re already anticipating that set and this one hasn’t even been released yet!

Listen to the Herbivores EP in advance of its Friday, July 10th release date right here. Be sure to keep up with the Herbivores and their soulful music moves on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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