Sinead Harnett, Masego & VanJess Aren’t Ready To Give Up On Love On ‘Stickin”

There are a lot of ups and downs that happen in a relationship. But when the good times outweigh the bad, you may be more inclined to stick with it and work it out. With that in mind, British songstress Sinead Harnett brings us “Stickin’,” a neo-soul posse cut featuring Masego and VanJess. Harnett shared, “When we were making the track it felt like summer to me, and I wanted to bring a little contrast to that lyrically. Often the people that most get on our nerves are the ones we’re closest to. The ones we’ll always stick by. I loved how VanJess made their own spin on that notion, and how Masego gave his side to the story in response.”

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Over a tranquil groove of synths, keys and percussion, Sinead and her guests pass the mic around to give us an earful of their own relationship woes. This includes lying, playing games and playing the victim, but through it all Harnett admits, “Whether you lift me up / Or whether you’re taking me down / Baby, I’ll still be here stickin’ with you,” on the chorus. Sinead kicks things off on the first verse before the divine duo VanJess takes over on the second. Finally, Trap Jazz maestro Masego provides a sing-song rap flow on the third verse, giving us the male perspective on the situation, expressing, “Yeah I’m crazy, but I kinda gotta be, you bring it out of me.”

If you’ve ever taken a wild ride on a relationship rollercoaster or know someone who has, you’ll be able to relate to what Sinead and friends are singing about on “Stickin’.”

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