Ric Wilson Throws A Quarantine Kickback For His Terrace Martin Collabo ‘Don’t Kill The Wave’

Ric Wilson and Terrace Martin may not realize it, but their collaborative EP They Call Me Disco has been a blessing to many trying to shake off their blues and forget the worries of the world. (At least for a little bit.) They got the party started with the single “Move Like This,” and now they keep it going with the funk-heavy “Don’t Kill The Wave.” According to Wilson in an article with Hypebeast, “I made this song for the dance floors at the block party, the cookout, the weddings, the rallies, the covid19 living room clubbbbbbbbs.”

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Those festive vibes are evident in “Don’t Kill The Wave,” which is a kitchen sink blend of house, funk, soul and hip-hop – basically everything you’d to two-step to at a house party. Terrace shows his versatility and impeccable timing through the production changes in the track. Meanwhile, Ric combines social commentary with socializing and having a good time in his rap. “And every night is the night of our lives / The day that we walk means that somebody dies / So even at home we pour up like vacation / Home of the youth footwork, house nation” he spits.

In the Solo Vision-directed video, Ric throws a house party in his quaint apartment. There are the hallmarks of a good-ass kickback with friends. Red Solo cups filled with adult beverages? Check. Everyone dancing and no one with their back against the wall? Check. A Soul Train line? Check. Terrace Martin isn’t present, but Ric and his crew have a lit time in his absence. They aren’t exactly following social distancing guidelines, but we’re willing to blame it on the boogie in this instance.

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