Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper & 9th Wonder Form Dinner Party & Play A Little ‘Freeze Tag’ With Phoelix

Four current musical greats walk into a studio. Nope, that’s not the beginning of a joke. That’s what really happened. Those four greats happen to be Kamasi WashingtonTerrace MartinRobert Glasper and 9th Wonder and they’ve come together to form supergroup Dinner Party. The talented quartet will be revealing their self-titled EP next month and lead us into what’s coming with their timely debut single “Freeze Tag.”

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The fellas look to singer Phoelix for the tune, with his voice fleshing out 9th’s signature beat flips, Robert’s piano chords and Kamasi and Terrace putting things down on the saxophone. The groove they concoct also speaks to the movement currently happening in America as well. “They told me put my hands up behind my head / I think they got the wrong one / I’m sick and tired of runnin’,” Phoelix sings on the chorus in a manner that evokes the style of Curtis Mayfield. Interestingly enough, the song has no set verses. Instead, the chorus repeats alongside the song’s groove, driving home the point in a sweet and soulful way.

Dinner Party the EP promises more of where that came from, with seven brand new songs to nod your head to. And if you loved how the fellas sound with Phoelix, he’s along for four of the upcoming project’s seven tracks (almost making him a de facto member of the group). You can pre-order the project, whose cover art (pictured above) was created by Kamasi’s sister Amani Washington, right now or wait until the set is officially released on July 10th. Get into “Freeze Tag” below and stick around to peep the EP’s tracklist.


Dinner Party tracklist:

1. Sleepless Nights (ft. Phoelix)
2. Love You Bad (ft. Phoelix)
3. From My Heart and My Soul (ft. Phoelix)
4. First Responders
5. The Mighty Tree
6. Freeze Tag (ft. Phoelix)
7. LUV U

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