Explores His Past To Prevent An ‘aiMless’ Future

If you’ve ever heard a track, there’s a high probability that his silky falsetto penetrated your soul. Now a full year after dropping his debut EP yaRn, the Brooklyn-based/DMV-raised artist skillfully avoids the sophomore slump with a raw, beautiful project entitled aiMless.

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Clocking in at under 17 minutes, it’s clear from opening tracks “An Apology” and “Save You” that aiMless is deeply personal. Touching on familial hurts, emotional scars and risking it all for love, bravely bares his feelings. Another highlight is the Jamila Woods duet “Waiting For,” a mid-tempo cut that explores the sentimental tug-of-war when two partners aren’t on the same page.

In contrast, the acoustic ballad “Call It What You Want” expresses an “I’m all in” kinda love. But apparently, it wasn’t meant to be as “Hazel Chandeliers” reveals, “If these walls could talk they’d tell me to leave.” Whew! Though it sounds like a relationship fractured beyond repair, the final track “All I Wanna Do” hints that it may be salvageable as .gold echoes the aching refrain of “Save You.”

In an interview with Billboard, the artist admits that his life became intertwined with the lyrics as the writing process exhumed unresolved issues. Rather than shy away from the pain, he embraced it as a necessary part of his journey forward and hopes that he can inspire others to do the same. “If it helps anyone in any way reflect on their journey with family, and life and love and why they are the way they are, and why they hurt, or why they react to ways they’ve been hurt, I would love that,” he shared. “I hope it helps people realize that there are more people out there who are similar in that way.”

Featuring production by James Chatburn, George Moore and Alissia Benveniste, aiMless is currently available for download via your favorite retailer. Visit’s website for links, updates and more. aiMless [Amazon][Apple Music][Google Play]

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