Ro James & Miguel Are On Team ‘Too Much’

We’re in the home stretch in the wait for Mantic, the highly anticipated sophomore effort from crooner Ro James. He’s dropped more than a few singles, with the most recent being his Brandy collaboration “Plan B.” He isn’t done showcasing music from the forthcoming project, though. Nor is he done sharing work he’s done with his high-profile collaborators as he’s just unveiled the Miguel-featuring single “Too Much.”

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“Too Much” details how toxic a relationship can be when there’s too much negativity in the mix. Ro details a love that ain’t good for either party but he just can’t quit. “Tired of treatin’ love like it’s real estate / Girl, let’s build this up and make our great escape,” he sings at one point. “You say want relationship like Bey and Jay / Know that could be us but baby girl you playin’.” It seems like he might want to make things work out right? But then he confuses things even more on the bridge, letting us know that “we both ain’t s**t / you know it / know you ain’t s**t / you know it.” Bruh, make up your mind! Helping him out is Miguel, who adds his two cents during the chorus, belting, “Wonder how much more of this can I take.” Yeah, the lyrics are a little confusing, but what makes sense is the undeniable groove the track has, with its smoky horn sample and hip-hop rhythm that will keep your head nodding even if you’re as confused as Ro seems to be here.

Mantic is actually light on collaborators even though the single selections might suggest otherwise. Outside of Brandy and Miguel, the only other feature is multi-instrumentalist/singer/rapper Masego. The rest of the set, which arrives on May 29th, will be Ro James on the solo tip. Give “Too Much” a spin and let us know if you’re feeling this confusing-yet-enjoyable bop from Ro James and Miguel.

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