Terrace Martin Serves A Shot Of ‘Soul Juice’

One of the perks of the stay-at-home orders sweeping the nation is that there has been an influx of new music. With a bit more time on their hands, artists at every stage of their career have gotten very busy and music lovers everywhere are reaping the benefits. Always one to consistently crank out good vibes, GRAMMY-nominated super-producer Terrace Martin is certainly making good use of his time held up in the crib. Just slightly under a month after releasing his Sinthesize project, which featured the lead single “Lies,” he serves fans plenty of flavor with his Soul Juice EP.

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The aptly titled 5-track collection is pure soulful sustenance, with each track named after ingredients that provide plenty of nourishment whether blended together or enjoyed on their own. He kicks off his creative concoction with “Apple Loves Ginger,” a crisp and carefree groove, before diving deeper with the smooth but rhythmically complex “Almond Butter.” He then adds a bit of sweetness with “Cucumber Melon” and “Her Acai” but keeps things mellow. It’s all topped off with “TT (Turmeric Touch),” which somehow encompasses the earthy and grounding essence at the root of its namesake. At a time when we can all use an added boost, this fusion is sure to feed your mind, body and soul – both literally and figuratively.

Get your recommended daily dose and give Terrace Martin’s “Soul Juice” a shot below. Be sure to add the EP to your collection from your favorite digital platform, and keep an eye out for more from the Sounds of Crenshaw. Judging from his social media posts, he stays in the studio so we can be sure he’s got plenty to help us through these crazy times.

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