Kelly Rowland Comes On Strong & Hot In ‘Coffee’

Well damn! Excuse us, but we have to catch our breath after the glorious return of one Kelly Rowland. The former child of destiny has been teasing a return to her solo career with a single here and an EP there. But now it seems she’s finally ready to turn up the heat on new music with the release of her steamy new song “Coffee” and its sultry and tropical music video.

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We hope you like your “Coffee” hot because this will definitely fog up your glasses. Kelly always celebrates her gorgeous brown skin, but the song’s title isn’t a euphemism. In fact, she gets straight to the point the minute you hear her voice. “Coffee and sex in the morning / Breakfast in bed I been wanting / Before you go to work / I need you to go to work,” she sings. The song finds Kelly reveling in her sexuality as she demands to be pleased first thing in the morning while letting a slow and sensual synth groove bring a very direct side of her out.

She took to the (pre-quarantine) beaches of Miami for the song’s video which features Kelly and her bikini body front and center. She shows out in several outfits that showcase her smokin’ hot body (and at times shows us more of her than we’d ever thought we’d see). Let’s just say her hubby is one very lucky man. She’s not just showing us her beauty, though. Other brown-skinned beauties are her co-stars and they show us just how absolutely gorgeous black can be.

“I want to celebrate the women in video — every shade, every coffee color, every curve, every essence and what they gave me,” Kelly told Essence about the video. “My intention I set for the video was to take the light in yourself and your sexuality [and put it in] a God perspective, in a way where you don’t have to get any approval from anybody else.” We think she more than accomplished her goal.

The singer hasn’t mentioned yet if this is the lead single from an upcoming project or not (but, c’mon, it totally is). Either way, we hope you brought your cups because Kelly Rowland is ready to pour it up. Allow her to fill your cup with “Coffee” by listening to the track and watching the video below.

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