Ro James Reveals His Motivation With ‘P.I.M.P.’

The last time we checked in with Ro James, he was getting a little “Touchy Feely.” While we definitely enjoyed Ro indulging in his freakier side, getting touchy with anyone right now who isn’t your quarantine partner isn’t recommended. Luckily, Ro has another new joint that’s aimed to motivate while helping you mellow out called “P.I.M.P.”

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“P.I.M.P.” — which stands for “Pushin’ Impossible Missions Persistently” — isn’t a song as much as its a mantra. Ro repeats the acronym’s meaning in full throughout the track’s short run time. So what keeps you listening. For one, the harmonies that he lays down are worth the time spent taking a listen. They’re layered, lush and mesmerizing. Then there’s the undeniable groove laid down by producers Dre and Ali. The fellas weave the production around a smooth guitar riff and drums that knock with just the right amount of intensity that allows Ro James and his raspy vocal to shine like usual.

If we had to take a guess, this is more than likely an interlude rather than a full track. If that’s the case, however, we’d love to discover the songs that surround it — especially since he’s been teasing his sophomore set since at least last year. If you need a mantra to stay creative and keep your head up, though, we highly suggest you press play on this one.

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