Khalid Shows His Musical Growth With ‘Wildflower’

While everyone across the world has been making changes and adjustments in the midst of the current pandemic, artists are taking advantage of the moment by offering creative ways to help us all cope with our new normal. Singer-songwriter Khalid, who’s been consistently releasing new music over the past few months, is now offering yet another new song for fans who might need something to vibe to while spending another day at home.

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The track, entitled “Wildflower,” is a bit different than the singer’s upbeat hits like “Talk.” He opts for a more somber sound here, created with the aid of echo-y acoustic guitar and layered harmonies. Meanwhile, he sings about allowing time to heal the wounds of a love past. “Spend my days counting down / Time will pass / That I know / What you done / Broke me down / I’m all alone / I’m vulnerable,” he begins on the verse. He knows that what he feels is only temporary, though, singing on the chorus, “Crack the code / Time will pass / That I know / Love will grow like a wildflower.” Though he’s not known for moody introspection, Khalid handles it fairly well here and successfully gets us in our feels.

Khalid has proposed that he may drop an EP in the future. With the growing number of singles he’s been releasing, we feel that may be more inevitable than not. Whatever he decides to do, though, we’re sure fans are happy to have yet another track to add to their collections. Get into the singer’s newest vibe when you press play.

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