KIRBY Isn’t Here For Any Shenanigans On ‘Don’t Leave Your Girl’

After taking some time to recalibrate her musical steps, KIRBY strutted through 2019 with sure footing after linking up with Thrice Cooked Media. Now after tempting us with “Kool Aid,” the Bounce-Worthy artist is back with a visual warning via her latest single, “Don’t Leave Your Girl.”

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KIRBY smells trouble when a certain gentleman tries to shoot his shot, particularly since he’s already spoken for. She wants no part of his drama, emphatically singing, “But don’t leave your girl for a woman like me / I’m not the type to put up with all your schemes / I got my agenda, other actions too / I got better things to do / Than you.” Welp! With organ chords, soulful horns and doo-wop background vocals, the saucy song is steeped in throwback appeal thanks to production by Homer Steinweiss.

Thrice Cooked Media enhances the tune with a visual treatment filled with color and humor. Just as KIRBY opens up her sunshine-hued Kool Aid shop, an arguing couple walks by. The woman has a lot to get off her chest, but he’s not hearing her – KIRBY and her beverages are way too much of a distraction. After stalking her IG page and sliding into her DMs, he tries an old-fashioned boombox serenade outside of her window. Taking a page from Rapunzel’s playbook, the singer lets down her hair. As he begins to climb, she decides to cut him out of her life, for good.

KIRBY recently announced that a new song will be dropping soon – as in January 17th, soon. Better still, her highly-anticipated EP should be here by Valentine’s Day. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until February to show our girl some love.  Peep the clip for “Don’t Leave Your Girl” below and download a copy of the single right now.

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