Yuna Reveals Her Musical Influences During A Round Of ELLE’s ‘Song Association’

Yuna has been one of our favorites ever since she first popped up on our radar with “Live Your Life” way back in the day. Our love for her has only grown as the years have progressed. Now she gets to flex both her winning personality and her musical knowledge as the latest artist to take part in ELLE‘s ever-popular Song Association series.

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The singer perhaps offered some of the most unexpected choices we’ve seen yet. Starting off with Mariah Carey‘s “Dreamlover,” the game allowed her to also explain her relationship to music and the many influences on her career. While she pulls tracks from the catalogs of Des’reeBackstreet BoysSpice GirlsDua Lipa and Beyoncé, she discusses songs she wishes she had written and even picks her favorite Spice Girl and Backstreet Boy. She sings quite a few songs along the way — with her own catalog being her favorite source — and it serves her will in the process. It’s not enough, however, to best the likes of perfect score getters like Lizzo and Ciara — though 12 out of 15 honestly isn’t that bad, considering.

Do you want to know more about Yuna? Then we highly suggest giving this one a peek. After you’re done with that, make sure to also grab a copy of her latest album Rouge as well.

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