Mayer Hawthorne Is Looking For A ‘Healing’

Mayer Hawthorne has been anything but quiet in 2019. The singer-songwriter made the biggest splash, of course, with his side project Tuxedo (in fact, the duo even dropped two new singles for Record Store Black Friday). Mayer’s also been releasing a steady stream of solo singles, including “The Great Divide” and “The Game.” He’s back with another tease of a potential upcoming project with brand-new single “Healing.”

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“Healing” finds Mayer once again switching things up, this time tapping into a reggae-meets-disco groove that jams. Set over a thick and warm bass line and served with a lilting synth groove, it finds him searching for a cure to what ails him. He seems to be searching for it in the arms of a woman who reminds him to embrace his inner child and live life with a sense of freedom. It seems that he approached the song with a similar sense as he explores several styles and ideas, including reaching into his rarely flexed lower register at times and incorporating unexpected change-ups and breakdowns that provide the song with interesting musical textures.

We don’t know why Mayer Hawthorne is playing so coy with announcing what he’s got planned next. We do know, however, that it’s shaping up to be perhaps one of his best projects yet. Get yourself some of his musical “Healing” below.

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