Lizzo Has Us Feeling ‘Good As Hell’ All Over Again

You’ve probably been seeing Lizzo all over your feeds lately. It seems the rapper/singer-turned-pop star can be a polarizing figure for some. It’s not like she cares, though, as she’s intent on sharing her special brand of sunshine (or the occasional full moon) in whatever way she sees fit. To that point, she’s gone and released another video for her late-blooming 2016 single “Good As Hell.”

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This new take on the visual shows our girl Lizzo heading down to Louisiana to hang with the famed marching band of HBCU Southern University. There, she puts the feel-good anthem to good use as the clip shows members of the band (known as “The Human Jukebox”) overcome daily trials, tribulations and struggles in order to be the best in the game. Lizzo, of course, gets plenty of shine as well. In fact, she takes part in every aspect. She’s there for a spirited band rehearsal at the beginning of the clip. Then she pops up on the bus rocking a drum major ensemble before taking the field as a majorette during a halftime show. Then, in a quick moment, she’s there to inspire as she plays her signature flute as a member of the band. Her best feature in the video, though, is sitting among the people in the stands as she spreads her positivity to the crowd.

Say what you will about Lizzo and her so-called antics, but you can’t deny how undeniable her glow up has been all 2019. If we were her, we’d be feeling good as hell, too.

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