JoJo Gets Introspective About Love On ‘Sabotage’

Earlier this month JoJo bounced back on the solo tip with the self-read “Joanna.” The song showed a level of vulnerability you’re not used to hearing from most artists. However, the former child prodigy has a lot to say about herself and life and is continuing to open up to fans on “Sabotage,” the official first single from her upcoming new album. “This song is about asking a lot of questions, dealing with shame and embarrassment, and really just owning up to certain patterns,” the singer admits.

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Over a soft, soulful groove of bass, keys and drums courtesy of Doc McKinney, the singer ponders, “Every time I think about me and you, I wonder did I play myself and sabotage love?” The lyrics, co-written with Lido, feel like a therapy session, as JoJo breaks down why she’s single and lonely. All of this creates a perfect showcase for her ever-impressive vocals, which come through strong without being showy and overdone. Meanwhile, rapper CHIKA issues an “apology to my exes,” as she lays down a verse covering her own relationship sins.

JoJo brings the heartful lyrics of the track to life in the lyric video. Similar to her lyric video for “Joanna,” the artist uses simple drawings to illustrate the strength of her poetry, that, while a bit literal, work well in the context of the song.

We’re loving this introspective grown woman who we’re hearing on “Joanna” and “Sabotage.” JoJo’s upcoming album, Joanna, album marks a reinvention for the artist who has been plagued with label woes and false starts throughout her career. Thankfully, she knows how to make going through something bad sound so good.

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