JMSN Heats It Up Like It’s 1981 In ‘Inferno’

JMSN came to show and prove on last year’s Velvet. So much so, in fact, that we still find ourselves swaying to the album’s solid grooves like “So Badly” and “Explicit” nearly nine months later. The singer-songwriter has also been doing the damn thing when it comes to visuals as well offering up a video for many of the songs on the set. Now, he’s giving us yet another one with a clip for “Inferno.”

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Just as he’s done for previous clips, “Inferno” has a decidedly retro feel. Specifically, it reminds of the videos from the very early ’80s, when MTV was in its infancy and artists were just figuring out how to use the new medium. To that effect, JMSN sits in the director’s seat as he puts on a hot and sweaty show alongside his bandmates. And we do mean hot and sweaty. Beads of perspiration are glistening everywhere, from the speakers to the walls. Despite the temperature literally rising, though, the singer manages to portray an air of cool. Perhaps that’s because he spends time lounging on a velvet couch or just the sheer air of effortlessness he gives off as he performs the synth-heavy cut. Either way, JMSN definitely has us hot and bothered with this one.

Get a look at JMSN heating things up old-school style in “Inferno” below.

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