India.Arie & David Banner Are Couple Goals In ‘Steady Love’

India.Arie‘s music always has a message and sometimes that message is simply love. She proved that throughout most of her latest release Worthy, which is chock-full of songs all about the joy that love can bring. One such track is “Steady Love,” a laid-back and easy track all about the kind of love that’s simple and effortless. Now “Steady Love” joins “That Magic” as one of the songs from Worthy to get the visual treatment.

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In the video, India plays a woman smitten as it shows her in intimate moments with the man of her dreams. And who happens to be that man? Well, it’s David Banner! The rapper steps in as her man in the video, and we’d be lying if we said the chemistry between the two isn’t palpable. The twosome love, laugh, cuss and fight throughout the clip with the common factor being that they’re hopelessly, helplessly and happily in love with one another. So much so that the clip shows the couple celebrating more than a few relationship milestones as we spend a few moments watching their lovefest bloom. If they’re not careful, this clip could definitely spark more than a few India.Arie/David Banner romance rumors.

If you’re feeling in a lovely mood or just like to watch black love shine, then we highly recommend taking in the beautiful love story shared in the video. Give “Steady Love” a play (or a couple plays) below.

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