SoulBounce Exclusive: Joslyn & The Sweet Compression Are Here To 'Break It Down'

Photo Credit: Dwayne Lloyd

The state of Kentucky has produced a few artists who've been added to heavy rotation in recent years. Both trap soul king Bryson Tiller and versatile R&B/pop singer-dancer-actress Tinashe hail from the state. Now we have another artist to add to the mix with the emergence of the band Joslyn & The Sweet Compression. Calling Lexington, KY home, Joslyn & The Sweet Compression finds their groove on the traditional soul side of things with a splash of funk thrown in for good measure. The group will release their self-titled debut album in May after delivering a succession of singles to whet appetites. The latest is their song "If I Break It Down."

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Written by frontwoman Joslyn Hampton and bandmember Marty Charters, who also happens to be her stepfather and the song's producer, "If I Break It Down" deals with matters of the heart, as does much of the upcoming album. According to Joslyn, the premise of "If I Break It Down" is a very simple one. "'If I Break It Down' is a simple message to the man who put you down and thinks he broke you down: He did not!" Over a sound bed of organ, guitar and drums she defiantly sings on the chorus, "If I break it down, I don't hear the sound of a heart really breaking after all / No need to help me up, you see I didn't even fall," to let everyone know that she's gonna be alright and is as unbothered as can be.

Listen to SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "If I Break It Down," and get down with the group by following them all across social media. You can find Joslyn & The Sweet Compression on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their official website.

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