Jody Watley Teams With Brian Power For A ‘Good Good Reason’

Yes, Jody Watley has been in the biz for more than 40 years now. If you thought that factoid meant the industry legend would be slowing down any time soon, you’re sorely mistaken. In fact, Jody is perhaps more active and creative than she’s ever been. Last time we checked in with her, she and SRL were giving us dance floor fever with the release of the Brian Power-assisted remix of their single “The Passion.” Now Jody joins Brian on the solo tip for their new single “Good Good Reason.”

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“Good Good Reason” is a slice of modern disco heaven from start to finish. Its sunshine-y vibe is kicked off by the song’s opening notes of warm piano, synth and rhythm guitar. When Jody’s vocal and the kick drum enter into the mix, things just get even better from there. “You were the sun itself / No room for nobody else,” she sings. “You were the light in me / Or so it seemed.” While these might not be good qualities when it comes to romance, Jody sees the value in resurrecting their love affair, singing on the chorus, “I’m gonna find all the joy we had / Gonna find it, gonna find it / Once we had love, we’re gonna bring it back / Gonna find it.” While this isn’t Jody’s first time at the modern house rodeo, this track is a lovely return to form. Making it even sweeter is that they’ve included a funky remix of the track, aptly titled the “Pure Funk Mix” that infuses the track with thick and, well, funky bass line and other elements that put us in the mind of disco and funk’s late ’70s heyday.

You can never go wrong when it comes to Jody Watley and “Good Good Reason” confirms that. Put on your dancing shoes and get into what she and Brian Power have to offer.

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