Dinah Jane Releases ‘Dinah Jane 1’ EP & Kicks Her Man To The Curb In ‘Heard It All Before’

Camila Cabello and Normani aren’t the only former Fifth Harmony members trying to make it big on the solo tip. The group’s Polynesian princess Dinah Jane is hot on their heels. She’s already enjoyed some success last year with her debut single “Bottled Up” with Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy, and now she’s looking to build on that with the release of her EP Dinah Jane 1 and its first single “Heard It All Before.”

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Our throwback loving hearts weren’t sure if Dinah’s “Heard It All Before” was a remake of Sunshine Anderson‘s 2001 hit, but the only things the two songs have in common are a title and fed-up theme. Dinah has had it with her so-called man’s nonsense. She’s made up her mind that she’s out and proceeds to curve him over the course of the song. “What you say won’t change the way I feel / Cause I’ve fallen out of love / Wish I could take back the time I’ve killed,” she laments on the first verse, but this ain’t no sad song. The relationship is broken but she isn’t as she breaks it down to old boy over a bed of keys, bass and programmed drums that will catch the attention of ’90s R&B fanatics.

The “Heard It All Before” video also gives us ’90s realness with a few items and accessories from the era like a flip phone and bucket hat. Dinah and her girls are enjoying a slumber party when their movie night is interrupted by a phone call from her insignificant other. Her girls answer while she’s away and relay the message that, “she don’t want you no more. Periodt!” From there, Dinah and crew break out into choreo in her bedroom, bathroom and all over the house. Meanwhile, Miss Jane serves up various beauty looks and hairstyles as she sings to the camera. She even gets a chance to sing directly to the object of her disdain who sits there and takes it like a man as she dismisses him.

“Heard It All Before” is one of three songs featured on Dinah Jane’s debut EP Dinah Jane 1. The collection may be short, but it’s quite sweet with all winners and no filler. The remaining tracks “Pass Me By” and “Fix It” could both be singles if her label home, L.A. Reid‘s Hitco, so decided. We’ll see where this particular project goes, but one thing is for sure, Dinah Jane is definitely going places.

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