Emeli Sandé Lifts Our Spirits With Her ‘Sparrow’

There’s something about a sparrow that brings the inspiration out of anyone. The infamous bird has popped up in a number of works of ancient literature and religious texts. And, if you’ve ever stepped foot in a Black church, you’ve heard the classic gospel hymn “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Now the avian muse is stepping up in another inspiring hymn by Scottish singer Emeli Sandé. “‘Sparrow’ is a song to bring hope in all its forms, a song to lift us out of the darkness, and let us soar,” says the singer. “It’s hard to find poetry in the world anymore, I miss the romance and I just want to breathe some love into humanity.”

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Written and produced by Emeli, “Sparrow” is an anthem meant to “uplift and inspire” those feeling down and out. Whether it’s reading the headlines on CNN, conquering your own fears and doubts or sighing over a past due bill, Emeli offers a hope in the form of our own strength: “We got magic in our bones just like the stars / We’re gonna shine bright and are golden,” she sings. The track starts off softly and sweetly but builds into a brutish crescendo, backed by gospel vocals and big live acoustic production. Emeli backs up her magnificent soundbed with powerhouse vocals that will get you into and hopefully out of your feels as she questions, “With the heart of a sparrow tell me what arrow could ever bring you down?”

Will Emeli Sandé’s “Sparrow” give the gospel classic “His Eye is on the Sparrow” a run for its collection plate? No, but the track stands as an inspiring anthem in its own right. “Sparrow” is Emeli Sandé’s first release since her 2017 EP, Kingdom Coming and her last full-length project, Long Live the Angels in 2016. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for information on any upcoming releases. For now, we encourage you to keep your ears to your speakers and see if “Sparrow” will help lift your spirits.

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