QUIÑ & 6LACK Serve A Sexy Treat With ‘Mushroom Chocolate’

Whether you’re boo’d up or currently looking for love in all the wrong places, we can all appreciate a sexy love song. For her latest single “Mushroom Chocolate,” Bay Area beauty QUIÑ teams up with her rumored beau 6LACK for a deliciously dreamy track perfect for any adult time playlist. They use the track to detail the makings of a lasting romance, while noting how it all goes down once love’s call is answered. Together they sing, “Get you somebody to roll the dice with / I know every second of yours is all mine / Get you somebody you don’t think twice with / I know what to do with my love if it’s right.”

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Though the title of the track gives no indication of the sensual subject matter, one could surmise that it refers to the natural high one gets when in the presence of their soul mate, likening it to ‘shroom-induced euphoria or the satisfying taste of chocolate. Rather than attempt to apply some abstract meaning to the title, QUIÑ decided that the real story behind it was just as intriguing. Apparently, “Mushroom Chocolate” was the name producer Chuck Inglish gave the track before any vocals were added.  She says, “Over time, it felt like what is meant to be is supposed to be. Yes, ‘Mushroom Chocolate’ is the name. We are still on a journey figuring out what it means. The song title can mean so many other different things.  The song is constantly revealing the reason why the name is ‘Mushroom Chocolate.'”

Give QUIÑ’s latest single featuring 6LACK a spin and be sure to cop the track from your favorite digital platform.  Keep an eye out for the third installment of her EP series, LUCID, which is scheduled to be released soon on her own imprint Fantasy Soul via Interscope.

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