Kehlani Explores The Rush Of Love With ‘Butterfly’

Kehlani is on the precipice of two major events in her life. Of course, the pregnant singer is soon to deliver her first child. She’s also readying her new mixtape, While We Wait, this month. We already got to hear a bit of the nine-song set with the Ty Dolla $ign-featuring track “Nights Like This.” Now we get another listen with new track “Butterfly.”

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“Butterfly” arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day and it’s fitting that it does. The track explores love and how it feels when it first arrives. “Know we’re scared of us / What this might become / Ain’t no going back no more,” she sings at the track’s opening, detailing the natural apprehension that love in bloom can cause. She furthers this notion on the chorus, singing, “oh I feel it comin’ / Got a rush like I’m runnin’.” As she sings, a distorted guitar provides most of the musical support, with the layering of backing vocals adding counterpoints to her own vocal. She wraps it all up with a bit of spoken word directed at her lover, warning him not to hide behind his words and logic when love is right there to have.

“Butterfly” showcases an evolution occurring in Kehlani that we’re sure will be front and center on While We Wait and explored even further on future endeavors. Check out “Butterfly” below and stick around for the full tracklist for While We Wait, which also includes guest features from Musiq SoulchildDOM KENNEDY and 6LACK.


Kehlani While We Wait tracklist:

1. “Footsteps” (feat. Musiq Soulchild)
2. “Too Deep”
3. “Nunya” (feat. DOM KENNEDY)
4. “Morning Glory”
5. “Feels”
6. “Nights Like This” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
7. “RPG” (feat. 6LACK)
8. “Butterfly”
9. “Love Language”

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