‘Concentrate’ On Lucky Daye As He Performs ‘Roll Some Mo’ For Vevo DSCVR

We’re loving us some Lucky Daye. The young up-and-coming singer, whom we added to the Bounce-Worthy club after spinning his debut EP I until our computer’s started to smoke, is the real deal and could just be the future of R&B. To further prove that point, Lucky took his talents to the folks at Vevo DSCVR to show the world why he’s one to watch.

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The upstart decided to offer us performances of his breakout single “Roll Some Mo” and the romantic cut “Concentrate” and once you peep them, you’ll see why we’re definitely feeling Lucky. “Roll Some Mo” sounds near studio quality as he and his small band recreate the dreamy track live. Not only that, but we also get an idea of how charismatic a performer he is as he brings us into the performance without having to do much to grab our attention. He changes up styles a bit for his performance of “Concentrate,” opting to start the song while leaning against a wall. Don’t let that confuse you, though, as he offers a burst of energy throughout the performance. In fact, he rarely stays still until the song’s very end, kneeling down to feel the vibes as he rides out the track’s final moments.

Word has it that Lucky Daye has a lot in store for this year — including more new music. We’d suggest you get in on the ground level of his meteoric rise by checking out his performances of “Roll Some Mo” and “Concentrate” in the videos below.

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