Leikeli47 Is Ready To Go To War In ‘Tic Boom’

Leikeli47 managed to sneak under the radar late last year with the sly release of her sophomore LP Acrylic. However, despite the minimal fanfare given to the project, the Brooklyn emcee/singer managed to deliver another solid set that features tracks like single “Girl Blunt” and the explosive “Tic Boom.” Speaking of the latter, Leikeli47 has supplied with a brand new visual for the track that’s just as fiery as the song itself.

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The video features two factions of women, all suited and trenchcoated like they’re 1940s gangsters, facing each other. The tension of the placement makes it feel as if they’re about to go to war, which fits with the militaristic drum cadence woven throughout the song. The idea of war is also emphasized by fleeting images of a tank and the references to bombs in both the lyrics and other images. Interestingly enough, it’s also hard to tell if Leikeli47 actually makes an appearance in the clip herself. Close-ups of a woman’s face rocking the familiar bandanna ski mask she’s adopted seem to be the rapper, but the full-body shots of a woman wearing a similar mask are obviously not the “Milk” rapper. It’s an interesting coice, but par for the course when it comes to someone who wants to keep it all about the music.

There’s plenty more jams to be found on Acrylic. In fact, we highly recommend that you check it out…after you peep Leikeli47 doing her thing in “Tic Boom” below, of course.

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