Micah Robinson Urges Us To All Come Together With His ‘Heart Song’

We love us some Micah Robinson. Hell, we love him so much we even added him to our Bounce-Worthy family. The soulful singer always delights, sometimes surprises and never disappoints when showcasing his musical gift. And since he’s all about love himself, it’s no surprise that he’s bringing us a message of unity and togetherness with his latest release “Heart Song.”

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The song — and its message — are simple enough. However, it’s powerful all the same. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had the words / To get us all on the same page? / Wouldn’t it be something if I could change the world? / Well, who says I can’t?” he sings as he opens the track. Backing him are guitar, bass, snaps and the occasional snare, kick and hi-hat. Keeping the production minimal helps his message resonate even more as he addresses ways in which we can heal society’s ills. He touches on quite a few things, including poverty and the general strife that seems to be encroaching on the world-at-large these days. But most of all, he encourages us all to make the choice to respect each other as we make our way through this thing called life. Micah manages to deliver his message without coming off as preachy or judgemental, a hard feat to accomplish when addressing a subject like this via song.

With everything seemingly aimed at tearing us all apart, a song about coming together is exactly what we need. Heed his words when you listen to Micah Robinson’s “Heart Song” below. As well, if you happen to be in the D.C.-area before Christmas, you can see Micah doing his thing live and in-person alongside BOOMscat at Pearl Street Warehouse on December 22nd.

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