Jacob Banks Wants Us To ‘Slow Up’

Jacob Banks is in search of human connection in his latest video. For the “Slow Up” visual the 27-year-old singer plays storyteller and shows us different narratives to expertly make his case. Banks’ velvety smooth, deep vocals are the perfect foundation for the soulful ballad that urges us to stand together instead of alone.

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We watch parents and their kids, friends hanging out, a lonely woman doing her laundry and a man bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Each narrative experiences either extreme joy or pain as Banks sings us a clear path into his world. “Don’t grow up on me / Keep that backstroke in your afro / Don’t you grow up on me / Slow up, homie / Don’t you grow up on me / Keep it OG sipping slowly,” he sings. Keep watching the video to see how each storyline progresses in this poignant piece.

Banks just released his debut LP Village via Interscope Records last week, which means we’re primed and ready to get more singles and videos from the project soon. Jacob will also embark on his Village Tour starting this winter in Europe and venture into North America early next year. You can get Village from your favorite digital retailers and tickets to his upcoming tour on his website. Check out the video for “Slow Up” right here and watch the human experience from Jacob Banks’ point of view.

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