Gavin Turek Feels Like ‘WHITNEY’ On ‘COLORS’

Disco queen Gavin Turek put on her dancing shoes to perform her latest single “WHITNEY” on COLORS. Unlike the usual format of acts standing under a dangling microphone, Gavin decided to get her own handheld mic and dance her way into our hearts. Dressed in all white, with matching jewelry and clear heels, the L.A. native warmed up the COLORS set with her infectious energy and smooth tone.

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Gavin commands the space and its lilac background singing, “Got this dress on sale (On sale) / It got me feeling just like Whitney / I can’t have too much / Can’t have too much affection, baby / I’ll let you meet another need.” The track, with its ’80s synths and programmed drums, will have your feet tapping, and her dance moves might move you to break it down yourself.

Released back in August, Gavin’s tribute to the late Whitney Houston teleported us back to the ’80s and we wouldn’t mind staying there for just a few extra minutes. If you need something to lift your spirits and keep your feet moving, watch the latest COLORS performance featuring Gavin Turek’s “WHITNEY” right here.


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