ASH. Is Ready To Make A Play For Love On ‘Easy’

We love us some ASH., so you know we’re here for any newness she has to offer. The singer last had us in her groove when she dropped “I Got The Moves” over the summer. While that seemed like it might’ve just been a loosie she dropped for fun, it now looks like it was the sign of a larger project as ASH. is back again with another new single, a mid-tempo burner called “Easy.”

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We’re used to ASH. giving her version of soul over throwback-flavored production. For “Easy,” however, she’s keeping things fairly current. A piano loop is the track’s center, with warm bass, slightly haunting synth work and simple percussion rounding out the song’s sound. The production gives her the confidence to state her mind when it comes to the object of her desire. She makes their situation pretty plain as she paints a picture of a potential love affair that’s having a little trouble getting out of the gate. No problem, though, as ASH. doesn’t mince words, especially with the breakdown at the midpoint of the song. “Did I stutter? / Said I love ya / Met your mother / She’s a stunner,” she sings. “Yeah, I want ya / To come over / So don’t wonder / Full disclosure.” If her crush doesn’t catch her drift after an invite like that, then bless their heart.

The smoothed-out track is a nice switch-up from our girl and has us wondering what ASH. has up her sleeve. Maybe we’ll find out before the end of the year? While we ponder that thought, listen to “Easy” right here.

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