Queen Naija Shows Love To Her Little Prince In ‘Mama’s Hand’

Singer/songwriter and YouTube star Queen Naija has been living up to her name. The singer has been having a moment on urban radio with her hit song “Medicine,” while the follow-up single “Karma,” another break-up anthem, has been getting a little play as well. Now the Queen is taking a break from heartache to talk about the light in her life: her little prince.

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Produced by Rob Grimaldi, ClickNPress and 30HertzBeats, “Mama’s Hand” is a soaring power ballad about the love between mother and child. Over light piano, dramatic drums and accompaniment, Naija expresses her undying and unconditional love for her son, and how he can achieve anything should he, “Just hold on to mama’s hand.”

The single has gotten a music video that, like the viral sensation, is trending high on YouTube’s chart. The “Mama’s Hand” clip starts with Naija in the studio, taking a short break to Facetime with her child. Then the clip turns black and white, and we watch as Naija and her son spend precious moments together. We witness Queen singing from the bottom of her heart to her little prince and she also makes time to honor her mother in the clip, along with featuring other families and their little rug rats. The clip ends with Naija snuggling on the couch with her man, fellow YouTuber ClarenceNYC, with whom she’s expecting her second child.

“Mama’s Hand” is featured on Queen Naija’s self-titled debut EP. The rising star is currently touring in support of the project on her Birth Of Queen Naija Tour. Before she herself gives birth, she’ll be hitting multiple stops including Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Atlanta, San Diego and other places near and far. You can track her moves by visiting her website. For now, get into the warm, fuzzy feels for “Mama’s Hand.”

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