Lenny Williams Is Still Making Music & Feeling ‘Fine’

Now that Aretha Franklin has been thoroughly memorialized, (controversially) eulogized and canonized, we can’t help but reflect on the staggering number of irreplaceable icons we’ve lost over the last 10 years. Like it or not, we must come to grips with the mortality of our living legends, but it doesn’t mean that these talented veterans plan to go gently into that good night. Seasoned performers like Lenny Williams continue to tour and release new music, delighting their loyal supporters and picking up new fans along the way.

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The former Tower of Power lead singer has enjoyed a noteworthy solo career that spans four decades. A few years ago, Mr. Williams dropped his appropriately-titled 20th album, Still in the Game (on his own label, no less). He revisited the album earlier this year with visuals for the comical track “I’m Sorry I Didn’t Know It Was Your Mama.” Now the septuagenarian is back again, this time with a brand new single entitled “Fine” and its music video.

It seems people have been asking about Lenny, wondering what he’s been up to or just looking for gossip. With a voice that is still soulfully tender, Mr. “Cause I Love You” sets the record straight, singing, “I’m doing fine (if anybody asks you) / I’m OK (if anybody’s checking) / Don’t you worry ’bout me, ’cause I’m OK.” If that isn’t convincing enough, he provides the following proof: he can still turn on the radio and hear his music, he has some cash saved, he tries to live right, prays every day and has been married to the same woman for over 35 years. Mr. Williams is clearly enjoying his golden years; and even though the video isn’t as seamlessly smooth as his vocals are, we ain’t mad. Live your best life, sir!

Peep the song and visuals below, download a copy of “Fine” from your favorite digital music store and connect with Lenny Williams via his website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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