Elle Varner Returns To The Scene With Heartfelt Ballad 'Loving U Blind'

Singer-songwriter Elle Varner has been missing for quite a minute. Beyond the track “Casanova” and the unexpected lost loosie “Friend Zone” with producer Salaam Remi, the singer has taken an extended break from the music scene. Of course, this is unsurprising considering that the follow-up to her debut album Perfectly Imperfect never quite got off the ground. But Varner, undeterred in life and in love, is back to do it all again — and do it smartly. That drive can be heard in her comeback single, “Loving U Blind."

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On “Loving U Blind,” Varner is singing about doing anything but. Instead, she’s asking a potential lover a series of questions to make sure she won’t get her heart broken again. “Are you as patient as a storm? Are you comfortable being alone / Will you still want to see me on sweet Sunday mornings singing this song?” she sings. Here she’s pensive but vulnerable. She’s trying to put up a brave front yet showing all of her cards at the same time. It’s a sweet and raw acoustic ballad that fits Varner’s unique raspy twang.

In addition to sharing the new track, Varner has also shared a video for the ballad. The visual is also a stripped down affair. The singer enters an empty New York café with her guitar, takes a seat on a tiny stage and begins to pour her heart out. While the room remains empty, despite her heartfelt words and a wardrobe change, Varner continues to strum her pain with her guitar.

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It’s good to have Elle back making music. Here’s hoping that the six-year wait for her sophomore album won’t be extended too much longer. We could use another refill (*wink wink*) from the singer.  Hit play and let us know if you think “Loving U Blind” is a triumphant return for Ms. Elle Varner.

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