The Black Eyed Peas Take Aim At Societal Ills Once Again With ‘Get It’

The Black Eyed Peas have been back on their conscious kick as of late, releasing songs like “Street Livin'” and “Ring The Alarm pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3” that have our heads nodding and our minds focused on bringing about a revolution. But the Peas aren’t done spreading their message ahead of the release of their upcoming album Masters Of The Sun, bringing us another message in the music with their newest single “Get It.”

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“Get It” starts with an atmospheric sound that builds as‘s distorted vocal delivers the song’s chorus. “If life is a gift / If life is a b***h / Then I’m about to get it,” he concludes as things pick up. The groove quickly switches, leaning on house-like programmed percussion that allows each rapper to go off during the verses before reverting to the more atmospheric feel for the chorus. Though the song isn’t as obvious as its much more overt predecessors, the video for the track is probably the most political one we’ve gotten thus far. We’re treated to images of civil unrest and police brutality comprised into a seemingly single-take shot. Rather than make themselves the center of attention here, the fellas allow themselves to fade into the background as the scenes take place. As the video comes to a close, an unexpected cameo from a #45 lookalike comes up as he surveys the chaos from the back of his presidential town car, reminding us of who and what we’re really fighting against.

The video ends with two simple yet poignant statements, “Don’t normalize hate” and “Love for all.” It also urges viewers to get involved, leading them to a website with links to organizations like The Hip Hop Caucus and United We Dream that are speaking out and fighting against injustice at every turn. Though the Black Eyed Peas haven’t revealed the release date for Masters Of The Sun, we imagine that it’ll probably soon come. In the meantime, peep the message by checking out the video for “Get It” right here.

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