Alessia Cara Just Wants ‘A Little More’

For her 22nd birthday this week, Alessia Cara gave her fans a gift in the form of her new single, “A Little More.” Written and produced by the singer herself, the track is a sparse, heartfelt ballad about wanting to get more intimate with someone.

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Over a soft groove of acoustic guitar, Cara pines to be a bigger part of her boo thang’s life: “There you are with your college friends / You played in their marching band / I can’t help but wish I knew you then.” While stripped-down, the production perfectly captures the complex feeling of wanting to get closer to someone but also having the fear and anxiety of doing too much and or possibly not enough to win someone’s heart.

In addition to the song, Alessia gifted us with a visual for the track on her bday. She went an equally bare-bones route for the clip, sharing footage of candid moments via home video (or at least a grainy filter applied to smartphone videos). We watch as Ms. Cara spends some quality time with a very special friend on a road trip. We get little glimpses her on tour, at the beach, boo’d up and basically living her best life. Stripped of any glitz, glamour or production values, the video does a great job of capturing the feeling of the song.

“A Little More” will be featured on Alessia Cara’s upcoming sophomore album, The Growing Pains. There’s no official release date, but we’ll let you know when we know. Until then, hit play and let us know what you think of Ms. Cara’s latest.

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