Trevor Jackson Takes Us To The Garden Of Eye Candy In ‘Right Now’ Video

Trevor Jackson is many things – a singer, an actor, a director, fine as hell – and he wears all those hats, and little else, in the music video for his song “Right Now.” The track from his newest release Rough Drafts, Pt. 1 is the latest to get the video treatment, and it’s quite literally his most revealing and striking visual to date.

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The video begins with a tight shot on Jackson’s face as he passionately sings the lyrics to the sultry bedroom banger. The camera slowly pans out to reveal more of the singer on a blacked out set. His sculpted torso immediately catches the eye as he gives D’Angelo “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” tease. Trevor is very animated as he sings, giving the viewer quite a show. At one point, he throws his arms in the air, and when he brings them down a large knife appears in his right hand. He looks as surprised as we are watching, and things soon take an even more shocking turn when he cuts himself with the knife and blood splatters on his chest. It’s quite an unexpected moment, but that’s the only beginning. We subsequently watch him pull something from his abdomen, and that something turns out to be a whole grown woman whose bloody body lands at his feet. He helps her to her feet, and they embrace. The darkness surrounding them is cut by a bright light that they follow, which leads them into a peaceful forest. They walk hand-in-hand, and we see Trevor and his leading lady in all their nude glory giving us quite an eyeful of their backsides. The woman soon lets go of Trevor’s hand and walks away from him. He momentarily loses sight of her, but when he does find her and focus on what she’s doing a panicked look crosses his face when he sees an apple with a bite taken out of it fall from her hands.

Trevor Jackson’s twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve for the “Right Now” video is a brilliant interpretation of their time in the Garden of Eden. In addition to directing “Right Now,” Trevor co-wrote and co-executive produced the clip and you could say he was in charge of wardrobe, too. To see more of young Mr. Jackson – although probably not this much – look out for him on the big screen in his first role as a leading man when the remake of Superfly hits theaters on Wednesday, June 13th.

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