Tamia Keeps The Fires Burning With ‘Leave It Smokin’ Music Video

There have already been a few contenders for 2018’s Song of the Summer released so far this year. One such song that hasn’t left heavy rotation since it dropped in April is Tamia‘s hot to death single “Leave It Smokin’.” The Salaam Remi-produced banger has an undeniable groove that appeals to everyone from the cousins to the aunties. That’s thanks in part to the sound of the song, which features a thumping sample and borrows heavily from ’90s R&B.

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For the “Leave It Smokin'” music video, Tamia also dips back into the beloved ’90s for a clip set in a club filled with party people. Tamia is onstage entertaining the melanin-rich audience who are lost in the music and getting it in on the dance floor. The song puts a few patrons in an amorous mood as we watch a couple or three cozy up to each other or one pair even slips away to the restroom for some private time. When our leading lady isn’t moving the crowd, she’s seen striking sexy poses in silhouette or on a red leather chair looking as gorgeous as ever.

Tamia has not only revealed the spicy visuals for “Leave It Smokin’,” but she’s also shared more news about her upcoming album, which has now a release date. Passion Like Fire will see the light of day on September 7th in a partnership with 21 Entertainment Group/Plus 1 Music Group/Entertainment One (eOne). Featuring production from Remi, Shep Crawford, Lil Ronnie, Andres Torres and Gray Hawken, Tamia is excited about the 12-song collection as much as we are. “I’m really excited to debut new music, connect with my fans and show my continued evolution as an artist,” she stated via press release. “I’m still passionate about music and the process, and I hope listeners can feel that with Passion Like Fire.” We feel you, Tamia!

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