Kimbra & DAWN Team To Create A New ‘Version Of Me’

Kimbra‘s made waves this year all on her own with the release of her most recent album, Primal Heart. Songs such as “Everybody Knows” and “Top Of The World” already had us open, but upon hearing the album, we were drawn some of the album’s more intimate moments, including the emotional song “Version Of Me.” Now the New Zealand-born singer is teaming with New Orleans native DAWN for a new version of the track that turns the introspective song into a searing duet. To make it even more impactful, they’ve shot a literally stripped-down video for the track.

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On the song, the twosome take turns on the emotion-packed verses as each tries to find some semblance of a personal truth over the sparse synth arrangement. The music buzzes and then cools to melodic chords before programmed drums are added at the end to carry things on home. For the visual, the ladies get down to their birthday suits for perhaps one of the more intimate videos we’ll see this year. However, their nudity isn’t for shock value. Instead, their bodies show a naked vulnerability that the song’s lyrics reflect. It also shows an unexpected closeness between the two ladies and as they confront not only the insecurities with themselves that but those that are put the by others as they sing, “I swear that I’m trying / If there’s a better version of me / Would you stay for the person I’ll be?”

You can pick up the new take on “Version Of Me” right now via iTunes and check Kimbra and DAWN out in the visual for the song below.

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