Miguel & Salaam Remi ‘Come Through And Chill’ On ‘The Tonight Show’ Stage

Miguel‘s War & Leisure is nearing the half-year mark since its release, but the singer-songwriter is going full-steam ahead in support of the project. He’s just wrapped up performances at two huge festivals over the past couple weeks and he’s released the set’s most recent single, “Come Through And Chill,” and its subsequent video. And, of course, ramping up with promotion means appearances on late night television. He dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to bring the sultry song to life on the show’s stage.

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While the song’s producer Salaam Remi sat on the sidelines helping out The Roots, Miguel sat center stage as he looked directly into the camera. His smoldering looks conveyed the sexy mood of the track quite easily. But if those were lost on you, a svelte dancer moving a platform behind him undoubtedly brought the sexy with her slow deliberate movements. It didn’t appear to be the same temptress that appears in the song’s video, but she did just as good of a job at enticing the viewer to keep their eyes glued to the screen. Miguel, meanwhile, eventually got up from his seat to romance the crowd as he asks them to say “I wanna touch all night” before the song’s end.

While this performance was probably one of the most laidback sets we’ve ever seen from Miguel, there’s no denying that it’s charged with an irresistible sexual energy. Get into Miguel’s seductive late-night tease in the clip below.

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