Lizzo Is All About Her ‘Fitness’

If you know Lizzo, then you know that she’s all about promoting the beauty of the female form. We’re not talking the just the idealized, super trim version either. She reps for everyone from the big girls to the thick girls to the skinny girls and everything in between. She continues her one-woman crusade for body positivity with her latest single and video “Fitness.”

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“Fitness” is a trap-happy banger based around a few keys and a banging drum track. That’s all Lizzo needs to deliver her anthem. “Independent, athletic / I’ve been sweatin’ / Doin’ calisthenics,” she sings on the chorus. “Booty vicious / Mind yo’ bidness / I’ve been workin’ / Workin’ on my fitness.” As the chorus, it’s about working that body out. But just in case you think this is some ploy to get that idealized body and bring the boys to the yard, think again, as she makes sure to remind “I don’t do this for you.” She’s brings those lyrics to life for the song’s video, where she and her bad chick posse rock bondage-inspired looks while putting in that work (and even a little twerk) to the song’s beat.

With this being the third single the singer/rapper has released since August, following “Water Me” and “Truth Hurts,” we’re wondering if our dear Lizzo has a larger project she wants to share with us soon. Don’t worry, though, while we wait on confirmation of that, we’ll get our “Fitness” on. You can too when you press play.

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