J. Cole Explores Infidelity In ‘Kevin’s Heart’ With Kevin Hart

Rapper J. Cole just dropped his next single and video about the aftermath of infidelity, using none other than the single’s muse, actor-comedian Kevin Hart. With Hart in the lead role, the subjects temptation, social media, drugs and more touch home in the Cole and Scott Lazer-directed video. We follow Hart on what appears to be a normal day in Los Angeles until he walks into a grocery store and experiences all the side-eyes and shameful looks you can imagine.

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While at first Hart is confused, he later realizes it’s because his name has been dragged in the headlines about cheating on his pregnant wife back in 2017. Later, we get a J. Cole sighting when Hart stops by the baby store to get a stroller. We watch Hart hilariously dodging women in awkward and inappropriate situations until he goes to a restaurant bathroom and gets some quirky empathy from a stranger in a scene that ends with a moment of hilarity. The video, like Cole’s recent release “ATM,” also wraps with the words “Choose Wisely” written in the clouds as Hart gets home and breathes a sigh of relief.

The new track comes from Cole’s latest album KOD, which you can purchase from your favorite digital retailer. Watch the video for “Kevin’s Heart” and see if you have a heart for Kevin and his situation after you view.

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