Learn The Lyrical Beauty Behind Sade’s ‘Flower Of The Universe’

Not only has Sade returned to us, but she did so with her beautiful new song “Flower Of The Universe.” The song, which will be featured on the soundtrack for Ava DuVernay‘s potential blockbuster A Wrinkle In Time, is a touching ode that any parent would probably dedicate to their precious child. And just in case you wanted to sing it to your little ones (which you know will probably be a request if they see the film), Sade has provided us with a lyric video for the song.

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We pretty much got the gist of the lyrics of the song when we first listened to “Flower Of The Universe,” as the lyrics are pretty easy to understand. However, the lyric video does put the song into context by providing still pictures from the film. Film star Storm Reid‘s Meg Murry gets plenty of screen time in the lyric video, as does Oprah Winfrey‘s Mrs. Which and a host of other characters from the film. The lyric video also shares in the film’s aesthetic, with colorful, shimmery mirrored backdrops playing against the film images to create an almost ethereal effect.

Now that we have a lyric video for “Flower Of The Universe,” could an actual video featuring Sade be too far behind? We can only hope. Cross your fingers for a miracle while you check out the lyric video for the song below.

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